Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to sign a long term contract?

Most definitely not. We pride ourselves in the technology we have created and have the utmost confidence that it will serve you well. Thus, our services are month to month.

OIG Exclusion Screening

Through the exclusion screening process, healthcare organizations can identify whether an individual is excluded from participation in state or federal health care programs.

What is the LEIE?

This acronym stands for the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities. Being on this list implies that a party is sanctioned from performing any services or providing goods associated with public healthcare programs.

How can employers determine whether an individual or entity is on the OIG exclusions list?

Warnings are not sent out when someone is entered into the OIG exclusions list. Instead, employers must perform a search of several databases to determine whether their employee is excluded.

Some databases that must be searched include; the Federal Office of the Inspector General’s Exclusion List database;; and each state’s Medicaid Exclusion Database. Some states may require employers to search other databases as well.

How do you perform an OIG exclusion screening search?

An OIG exclusion screening search involves several key steps, they are as follows:

  • The employer goes to the database they intended to search.
  • Then the employer enters their employee’s name and date of birth.
  • Now a list of potential matches will be presented. This list will contain all individuals with similar names and birth dates.
  • Employers now must check to see if the excluded person is, in fact, their employee.
  • For the best results, it is imperative that employers search for every version of an employee’s name, including their maiden names, combined names, and even shortened diminutives.

Does Simplecheck perform exclusion screening on all relevant databases?

Yes! Simplecheck is designed to screen every federal and state database.

Can Simplecheck access new databases?

Yes. Our team is capable of adapting to the unique screening needs of any organization. In addition to our current set of databases, we can also adjust our infrastructure to complete customized requests. To have a new database featured in our program, speak with us about implementing a long-term solution.

Does Simplecheck require users to download information from exclusion databases?

No, Simplecheck does all of the data management for you. Users do not need to download and store data, ever.

Can Simplecheck perform license monitoring at a national scale?

Yes. Simplecheck has a platform that monitors license expiration dates for all licensed healthcare professionals across the entire United States. Depending on your needs, our software can also provide reminders that provide notifications when a license is up to be renewed.

What are SimpleCheck’s reporting capabilities?

By using Simplecheck, you can gain access to every report that is required by industry auditors. These reports capture all relevant information quickly, allowing users to download it for future reference. Each report can be filtered seamlessly, allowing employers to view complete employee lists or single individual lists. You can also create reports on a monthly timeframe or other timeframe of your choosing. Every report you create will be stored permanently.

How can Simplecheck help during an audit?

Our reporting system is designed to meet the needs of any compliance officer who is undergoing an audit. We have worked tirelessly with clients who have been subject to audits to determine exactly what is necessary during this intensive process.

Thanks to the seamless filtering, reports can be exported based on full employee lists or by each individual employee. Furthermore, all actions are recorded so they can be referenced in later audits. This process has received praise from a variety of industry professionals, including healthcare employers and the auditors themselves!

If we stop using Simplecheck, can we still download our reports?

Yes. We prioritize transparency and are committed to providing our customers with the ability to download any reports they may need in the future. This ensures that our valuable customers are able to transition smoothly to another solution.

What will happen if an error causes us to hire someone who is on an exclusions list?

Protecting our clients from mistakes is our foremost priority. Our system is synced on an hourly basis, every day of the week. Therefore, users have access to all of the most up-to-date information in real-time. When someone who is excluded is detected, our system will notify you immediately. Though, we still carry insurance policies that indemnify our clients.

How long does it take to start using Simplecheck?

You can start right away! You can either manually enter your employees into our system or upload a csv file. Once uploaded SimpleCheck will handle the rest.

Do you have a well-equipped customer service team?

Customer service is important to us at Simplecheck and that is why we are available from 9a to 9p central time. Trust that there will always be someone prepared to assist you with implementing hands-on solutions to any issue you encounter while using our software.